Frontend Developer - Stockholm

LEAD-1767 Stockholm

We are looking for a Fontend Developer with 2+ years of experience for our client in Stockholm.


Start: ASAP
End: 6+ months

Security Architect - Lund

LEAD-1763 Lund

At Core System Platform we are building a computer-in-the-car architecture, a key for enabling innovation within areas such as advanced connectivity, machine learning, and autonomous drive. Our mission is to create a Vehicle Control Unit platform using new technologies like driveOS and NVidia’s latest chip technology in combination with more traditional car signaling technologies. We are dedicated to delivering platform functions simplifying the application development to create a safe, reliable, and secure platform solution for increased innovation and speed.

What you will do
As a Security Architect within the Core System Platform, you will drive, define, and design security features needed for industrialization and network security.
Drive and participate in threat modeling on the entire core system as well as on the separate nodes. Provide knowledge to assist in designing security features across the system.

Who are you?
We want to work with you who have a keen interest in modern computing technologies and cybersecurity. You like solving problems together with others. You are a customer-oriented person who enjoys being part of a team where you take your own initiatives and take pride in your own and the team’s deliveries. Have experience within threat modeling, secure boot, runtime integrity, network security, and static code analysis.

To be successful in this assignment we believe that you are good at explaining complex problems to others in an easy way. Great communication skills are needed, both written and verbal.

Start: 2020-10
End: 2021-03

Software Developer - Stockholm

LEAD-1762 Stockholm

Our client is looking for a Software Engineer to

• Implement the design from UX and UI using good coding standards
• Develop new user-facing features
• Build reusable code and libraries for future use
• Ensure the technical feasibility of UX/UI designs
• Optimize application for maximum speed and scalability
• Assure that all user input is validated before submitting to back-end
• Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders
• Stand for implementation expertise (HTML/CSS /JS) when we discuss sketches and prototypes.

Skills required
• Solid skills in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
• Experience with IDEs such as IntelliJ IDEA, Sublime text, or similar
• Sign in and Signup
• Social Login
• Experience with React
• Solid skills in proper HTML5 semantics. This is very important.
• Solid skills in accessibility and SEO friendly markup
• Solid skills in ensuring cross-browser compatibility and browser performance
• Very good understanding of web design
• Very good understanding of responsive design
• Experience in developing large scalable web sites
• Experience with SASS/LESS and Ruby
• Experience with Middleman preferred
• Experience with Node.js, Gulp, Stylus, Jade, Express preferred
• Experience with IDEs such as IntelliJ IDEA, Sublime text, or similar
• Can understand and follow Mobile First and Progressive Enhancement principles
• Experience of version control systems such as Subversion and GIT
• Fluent in English, written and spoken
• Retail/e-commerce experience is a plus
• CQ5/Hybris knowledge is a plus
• DevOps experience is a plus
• Knowledge of iOS/Android development is a plus
• We also prefer if the person has experience from:
• Automated Test such as Karma, Selenium, Cucumber or similar
• Continuous delivery
• Agile methods
• User stories

Start: 2020-10
End: 2021-03

Agile Coach - Lund

LEAD-1761 Lund

Our Client is searching for two Agile Coach to be focused on the design of an agile development process.

The department Development & Engineering are on a journey to create a focused, engaging, and agile way of working to deliver robust solutions faster. As an agile coach, you will drive the agile transformation and the agile way of working across the entire organization. You will interact with development programs, teams, and functions in the development organization and other internal/external partners and networks.

You will be based in Lund Sweden or Modena Italy.

In designing the new process in PC 3.0 the client is working on redesigning their development process to match an agile operating model, in this work they need support to design, deploy and train the new agile development process. In this, they need support to create the process based on an agile set-up.

Important in this assignment is to have hands-on experience and a good understanding of product development within physical products. You should be able to drive, create, and develop a well-functioning process.

· You have experience of stakeholder management in an international context.
· You have an excellent command of both written and verbal English.
· Hands-on work in the design, deployment, and training of the new agile development process
· Background in R&D, understanding the development of physical products (HW/SW)
· Good understanding of system engineering and built-in quality
· Experience with process design, understanding R&D/NPD process in an agile context
· Agile ‘coaching’ skills; SAFe knowledge

We believe you are a person that has a strong drive and commitment to meet complex challenges. You are a “people person” with excellent communication skills that helps you create passion & engagement.

You are experienced in coaching and facilitating people and teams to achieve results. Building networks in order to understand and solve obstacles comes naturally to you. Since you will be acting in a context with many different perspectives you are good at driving change and efficient communication with various stakeholders. We believe you have a deep interest in agile transition, change management, and product development.

Start: 2020-10
End: 2021-09

Test Lead - Remote

LEAD-1760 Remote

We are looking for an experienced test lead who has many years of experience in leading test operations in an agile environment.

Where you as test lead will be responsible for the test process and guarantee that they can meet the quality requirements of our client's delivery at a high pace.

The work takes place in an international environment with foreign colleagues.

We are looking for you as:
• Is used to leading a test team
• Has worked with test work in several major companies
• Has experience in setting up / improving a test process
• Is used to automation of tests
• Knowledge from different types of test tools
• Writes and speaks Swedish and English fluently
• Stress resistant

• Jira and Zephyr
• Jenkins

Some of the tasks will consist of continuously evaluating and striving to streamline the testing process, developing a long-term plan for the QA work. Participate in the test work.

Start: 2020-10
End: 2021-03

Product Owner - Västerås

LEAD-1759 Västerås

• Collaborate with various stakeholders in I.T. and the business to understand and document requirements ( Elaboration of Epics > User Storys > Improvements )
• Ensure the requirements are understood and written in the correct user story/bug (STR) format.
• Own the backlog in Jira (Prioritize accordingly).
• Single point of contact for the development team.
• Be firm and ensure all requirements MUST be completely understood and estimated before any development is undertaken by the team.
• A subject matter expert for the solutions within sales.
• Understand the why/what, not so much the how!
• Understand requirements from a users/business point of view
• Work with the technical teams to explain the requirements, so we gain a common understanding and a technical solution can be proposed and estimated in story points.
• Host various meetings related to requirements/estimation.
• Ensure we follow the MVP theory; Test, learn, adapt/improve based on end-user feedback.
• Ensure the requirements process is followed and manage scope creep accordingly.
• Ensure there is enough work for the development team per sprint / approve additional items entering an ongoing sprint in (If required) replacement of less critical items in the sprint.
• Manage expectations in terms of what can be delivered based on the team's velocity/skillsets.
• Ensure we gain the maximum value in the shortest amount of time ( Prioritize based on size/complexity, value-add (ROI))
• Provide reports to the I.T. Demand manager and key stakeholders ( Remaining Work, ETA, Completed work, blockers )
• Testing and accepting the work generated by the team in order to ensure the most valuable and proper functionality of the product.
• Highlight and manage dependencies on other workstreams, features, and functionality.
• Provide input into the product roadmap

• Organized and structured.
• Strong communication skills.
• Must have the ability to say NO.
• Understand product vision.
• Experience in global self-service platforms
• Experience defining and delivering digital products
• Experience with Scaled Agile methodologies, ideally certifications.
• Expertise in identifying, defining, evaluating, planning, and tracking product requirements and improvements
• Ability to determine the best means of satisfying requirements within the context of known objectives and constraints.
• Previously you would have managed remote-based development teams and have a solid grasp of development tools for a Product Owner perspective.

• Requirements gathering Technics
• The ability to facilitate requirements gathering workshops (User Story Workshop)
• Process modeling/workflow diagram technics
• GAP analysis
• Project management
• Strong experience working with AGILE methodologies.

Valued qualifications:
• SCRUM Master
• Certified Product Owner

• B2B experience
• Previously worked in a manufacturing organisation
• Previous experience working with both internal and external digital sales and marketing solutions
• Understanding of the product lifecycle management from conception to launch

Start: 2020-09
End: 2021-03

Scrum Master - Västerås

LEAD-1758 Västerås

We are looking for an experienced and certified Scrum master to lead our clients, cross-functional high-performance development teams.

Here you get the chance to inspire and coach the organization in agile work and work with continuous improvements in an international environment.

Who we are looking for:
• Several years of experience as a Scrum Master / agile coach
• Is a certified Scrum Master
• Speaks and writes Swedish and English fluently
• Has good knowledge of agile working methods such as Scrum / Kanban / SAFe
• Passionate about improvement work to constantly improve the development team's dynamics and delivery in terms of quality and performance
• Flexible and great multi-tasking skills
• Is a good communicator and easy to work with
• Is driven

• Experience from JIRA

Start: 2020-09-28
End: 2021-03-31

Test Manager - Remote

LEAD-1757 Remote

Test Manager for HR system.

Lead the Testing Team
Facilitate the creation of test cases
Keep track and report status to the Project Manager
Communicate with counterparts e.g. the supplier/vendor
Together with the PM defining the strategy and scope of testing within the context of each release/delivery
Deploying and managing resources for testing
Applying the appropriate test measurements and metrics in the product and the Testing Team
Planning, deploying, and managing the testing

Start: 2020-10
End: 6+ months

System Developer ASP .Net/C# - Västerås

LEAD-1756 Västerås

• Develop server applications in ASP .Net/C#, implementing the business logic requested by Product Owner, Demand Manager
• Create scripts in TypeScript (Javascript knowledge is required) to fetch the data from the server and present to the user and to handle user’s actions/input to send information to the server
• Create user interface views using basic HTML5/CSS-SASS/DOM to display the data and interact with the user’s actions. Requires some knowledge of modern UI/UX principles.
• Create data models from the business requirements to store the information in SQL databases (Microsoft SQL Server) and perform advanced SQL queries to CRUD data in the database from the server application. Have knowledge about Entity Framework and how automated database migrations work.
• Know how to fetch send data to external systems using WSDL web services or REST APIs

Minimum 5 years of experience as a System Developer
Feel comfortable with contributing to open source project, suggest improvements, doing pull requests, will be very helpful to get involved and catch up with the projects.
See and understand the full picture and make sure that the solution aligns with the goal. Requirements sometimes need to be interpreted and discussed with the requester to find the best solution.
Feel comfortable in understanding and refactoring legacy code.
Enjoy learning new things.

Web Framework/libraries such as Knockout JS
Queue event processing to sync messages between systems (MQ/Kafka/Pulsar)
Web apps
API management
Service bus
Windows Server - IIS
Visual Studio
Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
GIT - Tortoise GIT - Git Lab
Jenkins automated deployment

Start: ASAP
End: 6+ months

Senior Agile Coaches - Stockholm

LEAD-1755 Stockholm

We are undertaking a major internal transformation spanning several departments and thousands of employees into an agile product organization. In order to succeed in our transformation, we have established a large community of agile coaches internally to guide and coach our product teams in the agile mindset and processes.

What we are looking for are Senior agile coaches to mentor our other agile coaches in their journey to coach the internal product teams. The Senior Agile coach is responsible for transferring knowledge of managing agile ceremonies, the efficiency of team processes, and keeping up continuous improvement. The Senior agile coach is a champion of the agile process and a strong force in driving the cultural and organizational transformation among the agile coach colleagues.

Agile Coach is a multifaced role and the responsibility differs dependent on which level the coach operates on a team or area. Therefore the senior coaches need to have previous experience in working with several teams and individuals simultaneously with varying levels of agile maturity. There might be situations where the senior coaches will need to coach the agile teams or individuals as well.

In a passionate and encouraging way contribute to develop and spread the company culture and the agile mindset among other coaches.
Grow a healthy, collaborative, continuously improving engineering and product culture
Facilitate speed, quality, and customer value creation through agile ways of working
Promote self-organization and team spirit inside the teams. Pushing for the right, not for the easy.
Assist others to set up and conducting ceremonies
Teach others in conducting good internal and external communication, improving transparency, and radiating information
Facilitate discussion, decision making, and conflict resolution.
Facilitate getting the work done without coercion, assigning, or dictating the work.

Domain expertise
4+ years experiencing working with agile coaching and agile methodologies
Experience in coaching other agile coaches
Experience from large scale agile transformations
Experience in coaching 5+ teams in Agile
Experience and a strong passion for promoting agile ways of working and changing current ways of working
Broad practical experience in Agile; working as a scrum master, product owner, agile coach, or similar
Experience in solving typical issues and risks of Agile roles
Knowledge of Agile software development processes
Thorough business knowledge within the relevant product area
Ability to define value propositions and break down/clarify MVP

Individual skills
Strong communication skills – can communicate a complex message to a wide audience
Strong leadership skills – able to influence broad leadership teams using a combination of influencing techniques. Brings a high-energy and passionate outlook to the job and can influence those around her/him
Strong problem-solving skills – able to find solutions in complex situations and involve various stakeholder
Experienced in finding and implementing radically new ideas and solutions
Sets high standards and inspires others to continuous improvement
Not afraid of doing what is right
You excel at facilitating, coaching, and mentoring teams and leaders towards rapidly delivering high impact, high-quality products in a sustainable fashion
Able to build a sense of trust and transparency that creates a comfortable & effective workplace

Personal Competencies – What main personal competences are we looking for?
Excellent verbal communication and documentation capacity in English
Straightforward and open-minded
Pragmatic and a problem solver
Social competence, non-prestigious

Language skills – Which language is required and preferred?
Swedish (Preferred)
English (Required)

Start: 2020-11-02
End: 2021-03-31

Project Manager - Ringsted

LEAD-1754 Själland

Erfaring fra Sundhedsplatformen

Opgaven kræver desuden erfaring med:
· kliniske, specialespecifikke og/eller patientadministrative arbejdsgange inden for det billedediagnostiske område
· behovsafklaring inden for det kliniske område, herunder ved brug af beskrivelser af arbejdsgange, gerne ved brug af et standardværktøj / standardteknik
· at formidle, drøfte og fastlægge krav i dialog med klinikere, gerne inden for det billedediagnostiske område
· brugertest i særskilte testmiljøer, og release- og ændringshåndtering
· samt erfaring som projektleder med ansvar for gennemførelse af kliniske projekter på hospitaler og sygehuse
· udbud og udarbejdelse af behovs- og kravspecificering

· God til at kommunikere på både dansk og engelsk
· Kan indgå i et matrixopbygget team
· De efterspurgte kompetencer skal fremgå tydeligt i de anvendte referencer/opgaver i dit CV

Start: 5-10-2020
End: 30-6-2020 OR 31-12-2021

Tester - Köpenhamn

LEAD-1753 Köpenhamn

For vores kunde søger vi en Manuel Tester. Du vil komme til at arbejde indgående med Master Data på et stort og spændende pilotprojekt. Til dagligt vil du arbejde i et agilt team, hvor du også vil få sparring og udviklingsmuligheder på lige fod med resten af test teamet.

Det er en stor fordel, hvis du har erfaring med Master Data og du skal være fortrolig med manuelle tests. Det er også en fordel at have erfaring fra pensionsbranchen, men ikke et must.

Start: 2020-10
End: 3 months

MongoDB Developer - Borås

LEAD-1752 Göteborg

Idag arbetar kunden med MongoDB on-prem och MongoDB Atlas clusters och tanken är att fortsätta med båda även framåt. Vår kund har färdiga utvecklade produkter och är igång igång i flera olika stadier (Dev/Test/UAT/prod).

Nu arbetar vår kund med att vidareutveckla produkter med MongoDB och förbättra prestandan/stabiliteten i den existerande portföljen och på plattformen.

De utmaningar kunden nu står inför är:
Backup och återställa procedurer.
Indexing & data modelling
Querying & application design

Vi söker en konsult som kan:
Supporta utvecklingsteamet med nuvarande utmaningar.
Stötta platform/infrastructure teamet att sätta en plan/framework framåt.
Mångårig erfarenhet av MongoDB och en vilja att höja befintligt teams kunskap.

Omfattning: 80%
Start: Asap
End: 3-6 mån med stor möjlighet till förlängning

Testautomatiserare - Västerås/Solna

LEAD-1751 Västerås

Personen vi söker ska vara driven och ha lätt för att kommunicera och samarbeta med andra i teamen och externt. Vi arbetar i agila team varför erfarenhet och teamkompetens för att arbeta i dessa är av vikt för att lyckas med uppdraget.

Huvudsakliga arbetsuppgifter:
Tillsammans med testledare och utvecklingsteam ansvara för att utföra tester av den kompletta tjänsten såväl som delar av tjänsten
Granska och analysera krav utifrån testperspektiv
Identifiera och designa regression-, system- och integrationstester (end-to-end)
Verifiera funktionella- och systemkrav
Utveckla och underhålla automatiserade tester
Test av Frontend och test av Backend
I samarbete med testledare, produktägare och utvecklare ställa krav på testmiljöer
Förbereda och strukturera testdata
Utvärdera testning, testresultat, identifiera fel och orsakssamband samt kommunicera resultat
Dokumentera samt presentera tester och resultat
Manuella tester där testfall skrivs i Jira test Manager
Resor till Solna/Stockholm kan förekomma

Kompetens och erfarenheter som efterfrågas och ska innehas av resursen.
Mins 5 års erfarenhet av att arbeta med test i miljöer för externa användare (öppna APIer), t ex REST-assured
Minst 5 års erfarenhet av att automatisera API tester
Minst 5 års erfarenhet av att automatisera systemtester/End-to-end och regressionstester
Erfarenhet av Continuous Delivery
Erfarenhet av att felsöka och göra analyser i komplexa testmiljöer
Erfarenhet av JAVA-programmering
Erfarenhet av IntelliJ

Start: 15-Oct-2020
End: 31-Oct-2021

Senior ABAP/CRM Developer - Stockholm

LEAD-1750 Stockholm

Part of a team of 12 persons responsible for the maintenance and development of SAP IS-U and SAP CRM. The team consists of Application Consultants and ABAP Developers.

The person will be responsible for development and application maintenance in SAP CRM. The team supports the business in daily operational issues and with design and architecture in the further development of the systems.

Tasks & responsibilities
Work tasks cover analysis, design, process development, implementation and management of solutions.
Daily monitoring and incident management. Troubleshooting and preparation of proposed solutions for bug fixes. Configuration of the system/application. Assist with the development and interpretation of business requirements. Assume responsibility for a functional design for smaller assignments and for projects. Close dialogue with the business and ABAP developer. Act as sounding board towards the business in various questions.
Perform requirements review and help the business to refine/clarify requirements
Develop functional design / specification and test scripts
Configuration / System Customization
Perform system / integration- / regression tests for both bug fixes and new development
Be responsible for and manage configuration issues
Perform root cause analysis of relevant issues
Provide time estimation of change requests
Develop and maintain all relevant documentation
Evaluate current and imminent business problems and determine solutions to solve or minimize the problems
Ensure technology solutions are designed, developed, and implemented to meet business needs
Assists in the planning and design of new or upgraded systems
Ensure technologies and processes are simple, standard, and integrated

Required experience/expertise
8 years of related experience in designing, developing
(configuration/system customization) and maintaining on SAP application-level and experience in the relevant technical areas SAP CRM web client

Product Modeling Environment (PME)
Web UI Customizing
SAP GUI Customizing
BOL programming
SAP Solution Management
Master Data setup in CRM
Relevant ABAP skills in order to perform troubleshooting, identifying problem areas and initiate the solving of incidents
Translating business requirements into the functional and technical design in close cooperation with ABAP development teams to deliver successfully implemented solutions
Merit to have University degree, technical degree or equivalent education, but the experience is most relevant

Other personal characteristics beyond competences
Responsible, proactive and responsive with good communication and interpersonal skills that put the customer first. Good analytical skills
You are not afraid to raise issues and drive change to remove impediments
Ability to take discussions with senior stakeholders
You care about learning new things and improving existing challenges

Start: 2020-10-01
End: 2021-04-01

Scrum Master - Stockholm

LEAD-1749 Stockholm

Experience and knowledge
Experience from project management of the technical implementation of IT-system is needed
Experience of agile projects (preferable Safe – scrum master, facilitator, coach)
Knowledge in Payments is highly desirable, but not required
You need to have the ability to work independently - but also has a good ability to collaborate with colleagues
Planning and follow up on deliverables and activities
Good ability to analyze, evaluate and suggest measures
You have an open mind and the ability to see and act for the whole
You need to be fluent in English and, preferable Swedish too
Prior experience within the client (big bank) is preferable

The role includes;
Implementation of a new system in the Payment Infrastructure area.
This is a back end project with a focus on implementation and integration
The dialogue with the vendor is far gone and the first delivery of installation is upcoming
Internal development activities
Vendor management and close dialogue with vendor delivery team
Coordinate, inform and collaborate with operations, internal and external IT resources as well as external suppliers
You need to plan and follow up on deliverables and activities
You will perform a status review to the implementation projects steering committee
You will be part of a bigger program and work closely to other project managers / Scrum Masters and product owners

Language: Swedish, English

Start: 2020-10-01
End: 2021-03-31

Java Developer with AWS - Göteborg

LEAD-1748 Göteborg

As a Senior Java Developer, you use the latest technologies, like AWS and Microservices, to develop cutting edge solutions and services to our customers. The purpose is to help them stay ahead and offer attractive and relevant services – now and in the future. Together with your team you are responsible for the entire lifecycle of service – from requirements, development, test, deploy, maintenance to continuous improvements and new innovations.

As a person, you are a curious, innovative and analytical problem solver.
You enjoy teamwork and have an inclusive approach to your work.
Academic degree within Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering or other relevant areas
Minimum 5 years of relevant professional experience

Required competencies
· Fluent in English, written and verbal – Swedish is a plus
· Experience working with Agile Methodologies (SAFe, Scrum
· Experience working with microservices architecture
· Java8
· Linux
· Springboot
· Maven
· Unit Testing (JUnit)
· AWS CloudFormation
· AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)
· Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
· Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS)
· AWS Lambda
· AWS API Gateway
· Dynamodb and/or Aurora PostgreSQL

Valuable competencies:
· Experience from relational- as well as non-relational databases
· Liquibase
· Active MQ
· CloudFormation (AWS)
· Certificate usage
· Experience working with Continuous Integration and microservices architecture

Start: ASAP

Data Engineer - Stockholm

LEAD-1747 Stockholm

The Product Area Analytics and Data platform within the Analytics, Data and AI domain at our clients Business Tech provides our internal customers with different business intelligence capabilities, such as reporting and analytics. Our client has limited capabilities for exploratory analytics and maintenance area will set the foundation for a new way of analytics. Data needs to be more available for central analytical groups. Furthermore, we need to provide a modern toolbox for business to analyse, enrich and consume the information.

As a Data Engineer within Exploratory Analytics (ExA) you will work together with our existing Data Warehouse solution and have close collaboration with a wide range of our client's internal customers is essential. Your task, together with the team, is to continue to build the Exploratory Analytics platform and enable the business to make smarter and faster insights. The ExA team is small, so you will get a lot of opportunities to learn and develop within the area as we work as a team and in with a knowledge-sharing way of working.

Your work tasks will be:
Development of new components and integrations.
Maintenance of existing components
Define new ways of working with the latest tools
Focus on the ExA business user community and act as a link between IT and business is essential
Develop and maintain ETL/ELT processes
Develop, Unit- and Integration tests
Collaborate with different development teams and source systems to make data available to our customers in the best way always using best practices
Assist in solving Azure related technical matters in co-operation with BI Operations and other stakeholders

Required skills/qualifications:
SQL and foundational knowledge of database infrastructure
Experience and knowledge of Agile methods
Experience and knowledge of Azure Data Warehouse
Procedural programming
Knowledge of ETL/ELT processes

Beneficial/ ”Nice to have” qualifications:
Experience of R/Python
Experience of Power BI

Azure Data Warehouse
Azure Data Factory
Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and other Microsoft tools

Required language skills:
English and Swedish

Start: 19 Oct 2020
End: 31 Dec 2020

Project Manager - Lund

LEAD-1745 Lund

A Project Manager consultant plan, execute, and finalize projects according to strict deadlines and within budget. This includes acquiring resources and coordinating the efforts of team members and third-party contractors or consultants in order to deliver projects according to plan. The Project Manager will also define the project’s objectives and oversee quality control throughout its life cycle.

The main responsibilities of the consultant are:
lead the project organisation based on project deliverables, and define roles, responsibilities and objectives;
develop, communicate and manage project scope, objectives and deliverables based on pre-defined stakeholders’ requirements;
define, execute, manage and communicate a deliverable project plan;
define, communicate and manage the project budget;
define, plan and manage quality activities to meet project requirements through employing necessary processes, methods and tools;
develop and implement a risk management plan.

Requirements / Qualification criteria
More than 8 years of experience within the field.
High level of independence and expert competence
Experience and training from working with Scrum and Agile methodology.
Experience of product and technology development in packaging, packaging equipment or similar industrial application development area.

Start: 2020-10
End: 2021-06

Teknisk Testare - Backend, Automation - Göteborg/Remote

LEAD-1744 Göteborg

Testare middelware/backend/automation kommer självständigt att utveckla enhetstester och integrationstester, samt tillsammans med teamet ta fram arkitektur för systemtester och därefter ta fram systemtester.

· Inhämta den information som behövs för att utföra uppdraget.
· Gå igenom befintliga tester och ta bort obsoleta tester samt uppdatera utdaterade tester.
· Skriva enhetstester enligt befintlig struktur.
· Skriva integrationstester enligt befintlig struktur.
· Ihop med teamet ta fram arkitektur för systemtester samt dokumentera denna.
· Implementera arkitektur för systemtester
· Skriva systemtester som testar systemets olika kundkonfigurationer.
· Kontinuerligt rapportera progress genom t.ex. deltagande i dagliga digitala avstämningsmöten

För att lyckas i denna roll och i detta uppdrag behöver Testare middelware/backend/automation även kunna demonstrera följande färdigheter:

· Analytisk och disciplinerad
· Strukturerad och noggrann
· Självgående, engagerande och lösningsfokuserad

· Minst tre (3) års erfarenhet av mjukvarutestutveckling eller testning inom systemutveckling
· Minst ett (1) års erfarenhet av testautomatisering
· Minst sex (6) månaders erfarenhet av att arbeta i Linux
· Minst sex (6) månaders erfarenhet av att arbeta med Python

Mer än tre (3) års erfarenhet av mjukvarutestutveckling eller testning inom systemutveckling.
Mer än ett års erfarenhet av testautomatisering
Erfarenhet av att arbeta med Python från mer än ett projekt/uppdrag som omfattar minst 2 månader
Erfarenhet av att arbeta i Linux från mer än ett projekt/uppdrag som omfattar minst 2 månader
Mer än sex (6) månaders erfarenhet av att jobba med Jenkins

· Erfarenhet av att jobba med databaser så som mariadb eller mysql
· Erfarenhet av att jobba med versionshanteringssystemet git
· Mer än sex (6) månaders erfarenhet av att jobba med javascript
· Mer än sex (6) månaders erfarenhet av att jobba med docker
· Erfarenhet av att ta fram arkitektur för systemtester
· Erfarenhet av att implementera arkitektur för systemtester

Start: October
End: Janaury
Onsite with 45% remote

Cloud Architect - Göteborg

LEAD-1743 Göteborg

The client is building up a Google Cloud environment for mobility solutions. You will be a part of an architect team and work cross-functional together with Development and Operations team and communicate with stakeholders within and outside the organization. You will report to the Director of Software Factory. You will be able to form the way of working and have the possibilities to work in a rapidly growing organization where you can help us build an outstanding environment.

• Responsible to lead decision on methods and technical choices in GCP.
• Implement the new architecture in Google Cloud architecture
• Strive to build automated solutions in Cloud infrastructure to ensure high speed and quality for GCP.
• Responsible for GCP roadmap, to plan and execute new functionality, capacity, functions and services in GCP
• Responsible for cloud security and monitoring
• Design and manage the services/ microservices in GCP
• Work close with stakeholders within EA&F and other internal for GCP.
• Build a secure, scalable and cost-effective Google cloud platform.
• Manage the billing within the cloud and drive cost-efficiency
• Be responsible for GCP IAM. Build an Identity and access management in the cloud to support OEMs and internal costumers.
• Work with preferred partner/s for Quality checks and specific special needs that we might need from vendor/s
• Responsible for an overall view of integrations communication with GCP
• Design a disaster/ recovery plan

• Deep and broad competence in Google Cloud infrastructure and solutions
• Preferable competence in automotive connectivity solutions
• Security enforcement, such as PKI, OAuth2, HIDS, network security
• Experience in Data stores, such as MySQL, MongoDB, Kafka, Redis
• Great communicator and both technical and non-technical level.
• Good at analyzing the big picture without losing the grip of details.
• Comfortable with new technology and technics that are outside the traditional Ops and Dev sphere.
• Drive and facilitate change that needs to be done and persuade the organization what needs to be done.

Start: ASAP
End: 2021-03-31

Tester - Oslo

LEAD-1742 Oslo

Your responsibilities
· Ensure and improve the security and quality of the solution
· Test planning and analysis
· Develop and maintain tests (performance, integration, unit and end to end testing)
· Follow up on quality issues
· Test all APIs
· Onboard and integrate with new systems
· Create testing related technical documentation
· Work closely with other testers during end-to-end testing, including unit and integration tests

Required Skillset:
· Strong testing and data analysis skills
· Experience with Postman as a testing tool
· Experience with performance, integration, unit, automation, functional and end to end testing
· Experience with integrating your tests to a CI/CD pipeline
· Experience with testing Cloud-based solutions
Additional Desired Skills:
· Experience in JavaScript and NodeJS development
· Experience with Cloud-based solutions (AWS preferred)
· Experience building AWS lambda functions with NodeJS Knowledge of GDPR and its impacts on technology (experience with GDPR solutions)
· Implementing and integrating with REST APIs
· Familiarity/experience with AWS Environment/Toolset; e.g. Lambda, Terraform, CloudWatch, S3, EC2, SSM, …
· Experience with source control, Git, REST APIs and SQL
· Experience with Containers/Docker, CI/CD: Concourse, Maven, Functional testing
· Experience with SonarQube and Splunk
...or similar systems, components or tools.

Start: ASAP
End: 6+ months

Android Developer - Göteborg

LEAD-1741 Göteborg

Our client is looking for an experienced Android engineer to join their team in Gothenburg and help build an application. You will be implementing new features for our Android app. The tasks contain collaborating closely with other engineers and build cutting edge Android apps, write clear, maintainable code that will scale across a number of projects and distributed development teams. Furthermore, you will become a valued member of an autonomous, cross-functional team.

Who you are
· You have a deep understanding of modern Android development.
· You know how to write readable, maintainable, performant object-oriented code, and you are confident and comfortable with both Java and Kotlin.
· You are experienced with Android development tools.
· You are comfortable working in an agile environment and like cooperating with your and other teams
· You care about quality and you know what it means to ship high-quality code.
· You have released at least one app or have a project in the works that you can tell is about.
· You are familiar with open source

Start: 2020-10-01
End: 2021-06-30

QA Engineer, Crypto - Remote

LEAD-1736 Remote

Pioneering advancements in blockchain technology infrastructure, our client is the leading company extending Bitcoin at the protocol level to support a broad range of new asset types and financial markets. Our client supports values of decentralization, privacy, end-to-end security, user control, and open, permissionless innovation.

As a test engineer, you will perform manual tests on the apps, making sure they satisfy functional requirements. Your objectives are organizing test plans according to requirements, conduct tests, and report outcomes. You will be part of a dynamic and distributed team and will have the chance to deeply understand the open-source development software lifecycle and bitcoin-related software.

Collaborate in the design of test plans for new features and releases;
Triage reported defects, verify and reproduce regressions;
Document bug reports and update according to different phases of issues lifecycle;
Coordination with team members on the organization and execution of testing activities;
Manual tests on mobile apps (Android, iOS) and desktop apps on Windows, Mac and Linux;
Monitor GitHub issue trackers and support channels for new bug reports, reproduce issues reported by users and report outcomes to the team.

Experience with Git
Demonstrated experience with command-line tools
Demonstrated experience with Linux

Start: ASAP

Senior Backend / Relay Node Engineer, Crypto - Remote

LEAD-1733 Remote

Experience in building reliable software infrastructure with Node.js and Typescript
Experience with web3 libraries (ethers.js, web3.js)
Experience with testing your code on ethereum test networks
DevOps experience - ideally experience with deploying code that interacts with Ethereum Mainnet
You can work with high autonomy
Strong written and verbal communication skills

Knowledge about the inner workings of the EVM
Experience with Solidity
Experience in building and running bots that interact with smart contracts on Ethereum
Knowledge about Ethereum Client & Mining software

Technologies we use and teach:
Typescript (preferred)
Ethers.js / web3.js
Buidler / Truffle

Start: ASAP

Senior Backend Developer, Crypto - Remote

LEAD-1732 Remote

We are seeking a talented senior backend engineer proficient in Golang to work alongside our front end developers on improving our flagship product.

Start: ASAP

Quality & Operational Excellence Manager - Ludvika

LEAD-1731 Sverige

Assure the effective implementation, maturity assessment and improvement of all processes along the entire value chain to improve customer satisfaction and increase profitability in a safe working environment across the local business. Defines and develops Quality and Operational Excellence (Q&OpEx) strategies in line with our clients Q&OpEx strategy, and supports their local adoption and deployment to accelerate the rate of operational improvement across the entire value chain.

Academic background in Quality Management and with vast experience in the area to be able to work independently.
Management skills are required in order to be able to lead the organisation from the Quality perspective.
Preferably the person also has education and experience in operational health and safety.
English and Swedish (spoken and written)

Start: 01 Oct 2020
End: 30 Sep 2021

SAP User Access Designer - Lund

LEAD-1730 Lund

1. Deliver GAPs as part of Projects or Continuous Improvement
· Gather and clarify business As-Is and To-be requirements with a high level of IT and Business intelligence and adequate level of details.
· Collaborate with Subject Matter Experts, Process experts to design an optimal solution according to best practices. Generate and challenge several solutions from different perspectives prior to discussing them with Stakeholders.

2. Support Audit related activities within service, according to ITIL standards. The activities include troubleshooting and solving security problems, analyzing change requests, providing expertise what regards security and access and perform maintenance according to our audit requirements.

3. Develop team competence
· Provide relevant Knowledge Transfer to respective Service team members
· Make sure to have good knowledge and understanding on Delivery Service and Deliver Project Processes and be compliant with ITIL processes
· Ensure process compliance and internal processes are followed
· Analyse the current environment, propose an improvement, and execute internal improvement projects

4. Troubleshoot issues reported by users and develop bug fixes
· Analyse and propose optimal design changes to improve the existing solution
· Create GAPs where appropriate and follow up with project team
· Provide Analysis, Configuration, Testing, Roll-out, Training and Documentation when involved in project work
· Develop and drive the implementation of SAP Security best practices and standards. Engage and support good experience exchange between sites.
· Participate in knowledge transfer from Projects and provide feedback to solution

5. Stakeholder Management

Must Have Skillset
At least 7 years’ experience of SAP security and authorizations in various SAP platforms.
Extensive knowledge of the authorization concept in ECC and BI (BW/BO) is a key requirement
Experience on SAP cloud solutions (Ariba and Concur), SAP GRC Access Controls, Fiori and SAP HANA is required
Extensive participation in implementing end-to-end security solutions, undertaken roles in all key phases from Project Preparation, Business Blueprint, Realization, Final Preparation, Go Live & Support
Participation in Integration Testing, troubleshooting and technical issue resolution
Excellent verbal & written communication skills, interpersonal skills, and analytical skills
Understanding of workflow solutions and ABAP/programming
ITIL knowledge

Start: 21 Sep 2020
End: 31 Mar 2021

Senior Front End Engineer - Remote

LEAD-1729 Remote

Our client is seeking a self-motivated engineer to help them build the next generation of financial products. You will gain ownership over our existing suite of web products, as well as the ability to influence the ideation, design, and execution of future products. You will be responsible for ensuring a consistent, high-quality user experience across trading interfaces, data-heavy analytics pages, documentation portals and more. The client is building a trustless, open-source platform that enables fixed-rate borrowing against crypto, giving users instant liquidity to multiply their investment. They are a remote team so coordinating in slack and via zoom will be required.

1-3 years of React experience
A deep understanding of the architecture of modern client-side React applications
Prior experience working with component libraries or design teams in user-facing applications
A desire to keep up with modern best practices in web development

Prior experience creating a design system or component library
Familiarity with the web3 frontend stack (ethers.js/web3.js, client-side private key management, etc.)
Familiarity with React Hooks
Experience with TypeScript in React

Start: ASAP

iOS / Android Developers - Stockholm/Remote

LEAD-1728 Stockholm

We are currently looking for a few app developer consultants, both iOS and Android for a shorter assignment until the end of the year.

Together with the team, you’ll work on both new features and maintenance, to continuously modernise the app - with millions of users. We work in Kotlin and Java on Android, Swift and Objective-C on iOS and strive to write maintainable, clear code that is testable, and we use continuous integration and code reviews to ensure we get it right.

Our apps have undergone many design and technical revisions. When we see a new technology or pattern that may benefit our apps and product we don't hesitate to become early adopters and position ourselves ahead of the curve.

We believe you are a seasoned developer with at least 4 years of hands-on experience of Android or iOS development working in a team. You are able to independently lead the development of new features, and enjoy discussing and debating code and solutions with your peers. You like sharing your knowledge with your team and junior developers and above all, you are curious and continuously strive to learn new things.

While our app user base is growing by the minute, the focus is shifting to our apps. All our marketplaces want things done. Currently, our greatest challenge is building an architecture that supports this fast pace. This is where you come in!
Android, iOS, Dependency Injection (Dagger), Kotlin, Agile, Scrum, Java, RxJava, Git, MVVM

Start: ASAP
End: 2020-12-31

DevOps Engineer - Göteborg

LEAD-1725 Göteborg

For our client, we are looking for an experienced DevOps Engineer with experience in Java and deployment of cloud services. In this role, you will get the chance to develop cutting edge cloud platform services and being part of an autonomous cross-functional agile team developing, deploying, and operating solutions that deliver services to millions of users every day. You will contribute with your background to the ways of working DevOps and in as-a-service delivery.

Mandatory competence:
1. Java Development (Backend)
2. Knowledge on working with microservices: CI/CD pipelines, Docker containers build and deployment & Container orchestration – Kubernetes
3. Working in an Agile environment

4. ELK (ElasticSearch, LogStash, Kibana) - focused on the development of LogStash pipelines (e.g. work with regex, grok filters)
5. Automation / Scripting - Ansible, Terraform
6. Cloud Deployment - working with public cloud provider infrastructure

Start: 01 Oct 2020
End: 31 Mar 2021

Software Developer - Göteborg

LEAD-1724 Göteborg

For our client, we are looking for a developer to work within the Test department.

The Test department is responsible for both the release of products as well as support and maintenance. In addition to this, they work with regression verification of functional and non-functional requirements. Several teams are developing engineering environment tools and infrastructure. Having automated most of the test execution and parts of the analysis of test results, which enables fast feedback loops to the cross-functional development teams.

The right person for this role is a service-minded and self-motivated developer who loves in-depth troubleshooting and fixing things. The position is within a team who troubleshoots a Node pool of both physical and virtual nodes, in order to:

• Increase development flow by taking actions to ensure as many operative nodes in the node pool as possible
• Ensure that all nodes in the pool offer consistent behavior when used
• Shorten TR turn-around-times by working closely with other development organizations

Main responsibilities:
• Interact with and support developers with regards to node problems
• Interact with other parts of the organization and drive troubleshooting activities, e.g. fault reproduction
• Troubleshoot and recover test channels

About you
• You are service-minded and like helping people
• You are passionate about troubleshooting in Linux OS environment
• You are self-motivated, show drive and take initiatives
• You have good communication skills that enable you to interact with other parts of the organization

• In order to succeed is to good to know IP protocols and IP-based routing
• To troubleshoot SW problems in the nodes you need to know Linux OS and/or Openstack
• To understand our test framework and tools, and to set up your own test channel when reproducing faults, Python or other script languages are used
• You have good communication skills

Minimum Experience Requirements
• BSc level in a technical discipline or the equivalent level of knowledge
• English Skills

Start: 01 Oct 2020
End: 31 Dec 2021

Project Manager - Lund

LEAD-1723 Lund

A Project Manager consultant plan, execute, and finalize projects according to strict deadlines and within budget. This includes acquiring resources and coordinating the efforts of team members and third-party contractors or consultants in order to deliver projects according to plan. The Project Manager will also define the project’s objectives and oversee quality control throughout its life cycle.

lead the project organization based on project deliverables, and define roles, responsibilities, and objectives;
develop, communicate and manage project scope, objectives, and deliverables based on pre-defined stakeholders’ requirements;
define, execute, manage and communicate a deliverable project plan;
define, communicate and manage the project budget;
define, plan and manage quality activities to meet project requirements through employing necessary processes, methods, and tools;
develop and implement a risk management plan.
Immediate start, to utilize budget opportunity driven by Covid-19 changes

Specific Projects:
Smaller Implementation Projects – first of many to come
1 SCO, SCO – Print to crease detection
1 SCO, SCO – Print to crease – Inline System
1 SCO, SCO – Web Video Upgrade
24 OT Upgrade: Futec
6 Register System OS & Camera upgrade
9 Register System OS upgrade
If the person proves themselves as a fast learner and self going, more projects could be turned to that person, and the contract could be extended.

Work Environment
The person will be working with engineers based in Lund and at global suppliers, together with teams based in our converting factories.

Currently, onboarding is a challenge, considering only possible to be on-site - one day per week (Covid-19 driven) so the person needs to be capable of working and learning remote.

Work specifics:
The group installs 400-600 implementations per year and the projects are about taking something that is ready developed and professionally secure it is installed according to established processes and procedures.

Personal characteristics:
The candidate brings positive energy to all situations and enjoys working with multiple personality types in all parts of the world.

Capable to lead teams as well as delivering details
The candidate gets things done and doesn't wait for others to bring it to her/him.
With some coaching, the person quickly learns and is then self going

Start: 19 Oct 2020
End: 30 Jun 2021

Agile Coach - Lund

LEAD-1722 Lund

The department Development & Engineering are on a journey to create a focused, engaging, and agile way of working to deliver a robust solution faster. As an agile coach, you will drive the agile transformation and the agile way of working across the entire organization. You will interact with development programs, teams, and functions in the development organization and other internal/external partners and networks. You will be based in Lund Sweden or Modena Italy.

In designing the new process in PC 3.0 the client is working on redesigning their development process to match an agile operating model, in this work they need support to design, deploy and train the new agile development process. In this, they need support to create the process based on an agile set-up.

Important in this assignment is to have hands-on experience and a good understanding of product development within physical products. You should be able to drive, create, and develop a well-functioning process.

· You have experience of stakeholder management in an international context.
· You have an excellent command of both written and verbal English.
· Hands-on work in the design, deployment, and training of the new agile development process
· Background in R&D, understanding the development of physical products (HW/SW)
· Good understanding of system engineering and built-in quality
· Experience with process design, understanding R&D/NPD process in an agile context
· Agile ‘coaching’ skills; SAFe knowledge

We believe you are a person that has a strong drive and commitment to meet complex challenges. You are a “people person” with excellent communication skills that helps you create passion & engagement.

You are experienced in coaching and facilitating people and teams to achieve results. Building networks in order to understand and solve obstacles comes naturally to you. Since you will be acting in a context with many different perspectives you are good at driving change and efficient communication with various stakeholders. We believe you have a deep interest in agile transition, change management, and product development.

Start: 2020-10-05
End: 2021-09-31

Teknisk Testare - Stockholm

LEAD-1721 Stockholm

I uppdraget ingår att utföra systemintegrationstester med syfte att kvalitetssäkra att kraven implementerats på ett korrekt sätt. Typiska arbetsuppgifter är att utföra tester som ska säkerställa funktionalitet och datakvalitet på API:er och våra integrationer, skriva testfall samt dokumentera tester.

Rollen kräver mycket goda kunskaper om API:er samt om test av sådana. Kandidaten behöver vara självgående gällande utförandet av testerna samt ha förmåga att själv identifiera testbehov utifrån dokumentation. Kandidaten skall också ha ett agilt mindset och väl känna till Scrum och agila produktutvecklingsmetoder.

Minst 5 års erfarenhet av komplexa systemintegrationstester och End to End tester, Ange uppdrag och år.
Minst tre års erfarenhet av Postman, SoapUI eller liknande för både manuell och automatiserad testning av integrationer och API:er, Ange uppdrag och år.
Minst 2 års erfarenhet av Jira och Confluence, Ange uppdrag och år.
Minst 3 års erfarenhet av arbete i agila utvecklingsteam, Ange uppdrag och år.
Minst två års erfarenhet av att skriva testskript i tex Java, Javascript, Groovy eller Python, Ange uppdrag och år.

Bör krav:
Minst 1 års erfarenhet av att sätta upp ramverk kring automatisering av integrationer, ge exempel
Minst 1 års erfarenhet av prestandatestning med t.ex. Jmeter, LoadUI eller motsvarande, ge exempel
Minst 1 års erfarenhet av CI/CD, ge exempel
Minst ett års erfarenhet av Xray (Jira) eller motsvande, ge exempel
Minst ett års erfarenhet av att ha jobbat med Mulesoft Anypoint platform, , ge exempel
Minst ett års Erfarenhet av Unix/Linux, , ge exempel
Minst ett års erfarenhet av MQTT eller motsvarande protokoll för köhantering, ge exempel

Start: 2020-09-21
End: 2021-03-31

C / C# Developer - Århus

LEAD-1720 Jylland

We need a top talented, smart, and experienced resource, super responsible, and capable to work/enhance existing code with at least 10 years of development experience.
Remote but preferred if the candidate can be onsite in Århus some days to become part of the team.

Proficiency in Linux - MUST
Strong C & C# development skills with experience of developing code from the ground up and enhancing existing codebases – MUST
Extensive knowledge of TCP/IP
Experience with Algorithm development - MUST
Data protocols knowledge - MUST
Experience in a networking environment with familiarity with higher-level internet protocols

­­Start: Oct
End: Dec

Java Developer - Jönköping

LEAD-1708 Jönköping

Kunden har under en tid arbetat med framtagandet av systemstöd. Under detta arbete tog Kunden fram en ny plattform för egenutveckling som bygger på öppen källkod. I denna plattform har större delen av de nya systemen implementerats. Dessa omfattande projekt är nu avslutade och vidareutvecklingen fortsätter.

Kunden har behov av att stabilisera nuvarande system, genomföra förändringar i systemarkitekturen för att framtidssäkra systemet samt skapa förutsättningar för att så effektivt som möjligt kunna genomföra utvecklingsarbetet.

Inom både arbetssätt och teknik strävar kunden efter att ligga i framkant. Kunden har ett grundtänk som man vidareutvecklar löpande. För att du som konsult ska trivas och passa in hos kunden är det viktigt att du har aktuell erfarenhet och intresse av att fördjupa dig i den roll kunden efterfrågar. Kunden ser samarbete inom teamet som A och O för att lösa den gemensamma uppgiften. Kunden arbetar efter agila principer och kunden förväntar oss att dina erfarenheter kan föra dem framåt. Kunden lägger stor vikt vid dina personliga egenskaper och att kunden ska hitta rätt uppdrag för varje individ.

Kunden söker nu programmerare Java med både front-end och back-end-kompetens till flera utvecklingsteam på utvecklings- och digitaliseringsavdelningen.

Kunden har en omfattande utvecklingsverksamhet med flera parallella utvecklingsinsatser. Beroende på behov kan även andra uppdrag internt hos kund vara aktuellt.

Minst 9 års erfarenhet inom efterfrågad roll/område (nivå 4)
Java (Backend) och/eller JavaScript (Frontend) samt Java EE som plattform
System design
Agil värdegrund, erfarenhet av agila arbetssätt och scrum
JPA (Hibernate)
Angular JS eller Angular 2+

Utveckling av administrativa handläggningssystem
Domändriven design (DDD)
Jboss / wildfly
Jboss Drools
CQRS / Event sourcing
BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) eller TDD (Test Driven Development)
SQL queries
Regressions- och övervakningstester samt teststrategier

Start: 2020-09-14 eller enligt ö.k.
End: 2021-12-31 + 2022-12-31

Fullstack Developer - Remote

LEAD-1647 Remote

Fullstack Developer with 2+ years of experience for remote project.


Start: 2020-10