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Design UI/UX
Senior UX Designer - Göteborg

Lösningsarkitekt - Stockholm

Lösningsarkitekt - Stockholm

Kantur & Associates is a dynamic network of experienced leaders and developers in IT. We have broad expertise in areas such as Agile Coaching, DevOps, QA Management, Fullstack Development, Data/AI, Test Automation, Design, and Requirements Management.

We strive to create and maintain long-term partnerships between our clients and our consultants. Our goal is to provide experts who exceed expectations and foster interest in continued collaborations.

With our extensive experience in management and IT solutions, we act as advisors to our clients. We identify risks, analyze needs, and introduce improvements to avoid costly obstacles both before and during the development phase.

In addition to responding to specific requests, we proactively work to present candidates whom we believe are valuable for successful projects. We ensure to match our clients’ needs with individuals who possess the competence and ability to be self-driven, motivated, and solution-oriented.

Our strength lies in maintaining long-term relationships with experienced consultants. We strive to be the preferred choice for leading IT companies seeking skilled expertise. Our focus is on delivering individual talents who can contribute to successful collaborations.

Kantur & Associates is dedicated to providing outstanding consultancy services and creating value for our clients and consultants. By staying updated and continually evolving within our specialized areas, we are well-equipped to meet future challenges.