Project Manager - Stockholm


In order to accelerate performance and profitability for current and future projects, our client is aiming to build a continuous flow of the necessary and trusted information from the source to the user without manual intervention or correction to support operational efficiency and business decision

Target conditions
· One data, one place, one-time entry, at the right time and quality level. Single source of trusted data.
· Friendly reporting built in the system, available on one click
· A global process both sustainable and agile.
· Global decision should support the overall strategy and both local and functional needs
· Business-driven, IT enabled

· Support Data Governance chairman in all his tasks
· Support Data Governance steering committee in vetting business decision through data analysis and business knowledge on Data Governance
· Run fact-based diagnostics, root cause analysis and support in solution development in select areas of our client
· Prepare Data Governance steering committee/core team meeting agenda, information gathering and documents to facilitate discussion and decision
· Support interface with each workgroup Leader to check progress, identify road blocker, ease contact and alignment between workgroups
· Prepare and support Data stewards alignment

· Knowhow, previous experience about data governance, systems, IT
· Very good skills in MS office products, ERP environment, controlling…
· Experience in complex project management in a complex environment
· Good communication skills cross-culture, function and hierarchy
· Good organizational and change management skills
· Fluent in English

Start: ASAP
End: 2021-10

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Scrum Master - Stockholm


Vi söker en erfaren scrum master som kan leda ett av våra team och även mindre projekt. Vi förvaltar och vidareutvecklar ett kontorssystem till en stor svensk bank. Vi är 16 personer i uppdraget, uppdelade i två team.

Konsultmässig person som vill förstå kundens behov och hjälpa den att hitta rätt lösning
Scrum master – 5-10 års erfarenhet
Erfarenhet av att arbeta och administrera Jira
Generell teknisk kunskap för att kunna stötta teamet och prioritera arbetet
Erfarenhet av förvaltningsuppdrag
Arbetat inom Bank & Finans
Ledning av mindre projekt

Ödmjuk och kommunikativ
Flexibel och kunna balansera mellan interna och kunds intresse
Vill driva förbättringar

Start: ASAP
End: 2021-03

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Android Developer - Lund


At our software centre in Lund, we need to enforce the Android Automotive development team. We are working with the integration of Android on the Infotainment Systems/centre screen head unit for passenger cars. These infotainment systems are increasingly becoming a vital part of the driver/passenger experience with richer functionality such as navigation, multimedia, security, internet connectivity and smartphone integration. Much of this provided by Google, but hardware bring up with associated hardware abstractions layers and additional services/apps developed by us. The coming systems combine the infotainment screen with the instrument panel, Android runs hypervised/virtualized and is highly integrated with the vehicle computers.

We need software engineers who will be part in our work with Android Automotive for our Infotainment Systems. Specifically, there are work-packages to provide Android in different configurations; bare-metal, on a hypervisor, or in a Linux cell. We also deal with Linux GenIVI systems where Yocto, Autosar, CAN etc come into play.

Knowledge about the Android framework is highly valued as well as the hardware abstraction layers. There are different HW solutions with various SOCs (Qualcomm, Renesas, Exynos, Intel etc) which need to be supported by Android Automotive. Knowledge of bringup is of great value specifically in the area of Audio, Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS.

About the team:
The Android Automotive team in Lund owns the Android SW base and govern it for easy start and execution of customer projects. But the team is also part of early work with HW bring ups, prototypes and demonstrators for fares and acquisitions. This opens up for both technical depth and broad scope for the team who works in all layers from hardware abstraction up to Android applications.

Start: ASAP

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UX Designer - Stockholm


As part of the UX team at Global Design, be THE UX/UI in for one or two of our digital services. You will be involved in the project all the way from research to final delivery. As UX designer at our client, you are also always responsible for making sure that whatever you work on fits within the holistic experience of our users and you should always act as an advocate for the user and for a user-centric way of working.

Examples of work tasks
Research user needs
Formulate User goals (and sometimes service goals)
Plan and moderate cross-functional workshop to ideate, form and shape a concept solutions
Concept design
Information architecture
Detailed design
User interface design
Conduct usability tests
Communicate design input to projects/engineering
Planning your tasks
Improve the UX teams way of working
Advocate for the use and a user-centric way of working

Required skills
More than five years of experience working with the development of digital services in a system solution context within larger brand-driven businesses.
Proven experience of translating customer needs into relevant solutions working with both qualitative and quantitative research in the development process.
A passion for humans and creating things that make them even better
Teamwork, get things done and responsibility attitude
Excellent communication skills and ability to create trustful relationships.
An international mindset with experience working in multi-cultural teams.
Master’s degree in Interaction Design or similar educational background.

Preferred skills:
Experience of UX Design/Interaction Design within both physical and digital products

Start: 2020-11
End: 2021-11

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iOS Developer - Stockholm


Vi söker iOS-utvecklare för indoor positioning verktyg. Du kommer strukturera och inventera befintlig kod, även nyutveckling kommer förekomma. Swift är ett krav, gärna ha koll på android också (kotlin).

Start: ASAP

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Frontend Developer - Stockholm


Du bör ha arbetat med tech-tunga produkter sedan tidigare och får gärna vara fullstack-utvecklare i grunden (.net) men nu ha fokus på React.
Meriterat med GCP.

Start: ASAP

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Data Engineer - Stockholm


We're looking for a senior consultant data engineer to contribute to our significant effort of migrating an extensive data warehouse, with its ETL process, data, and reporting solutions to an AWS cloud environment.

1-3 years of experience in
AWS Cloud

Start: ASAP

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Fullstack Developer - Stockholm


En erfaren fullstack-utvecklare med kompetens inom React och Java 8-11. Du ska ha lätt för att kommunicera, vara positiv och ha en pedagogisk förmåga. God förmåga att uttrycka sig i tal och skrift samt dokumenterad erfarenhet och möjlighet för referenser.

Start: ASAP

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Change Manager - Stockholm


We're currently looking for a consultant to strengthen the customer with an experienced Change Manager.

The Change Manager will own and lead Change management Cross Initiatives, which will include People Management & On-boarding.

We are looking for a person who can take overall responsibility, is creative, and has experience in modern ways to handle change management. You need to be prestige-less and be able to work within all work-levels of the project. As a change manager, you need to align messages and activities for the different initiatives and find synergy between them. You will need to cooperate with process owners as well as project participants and be able to coach the persons that work with Change Management in the different regions. You will work together with the customer's internal communication department as well as an external supplier that will deliver and package content within an HRBP ”ambassador program", videos, etc.

The Change Manager will work close to another Project Manager within IT/HR as well as the Director of Digital HR

Position Requirements:
A background within HRI.
Experienced in Change- and transformation projects.
Project management experience of taking lead on similar transformation projects within HR.
Both strategic abilities to develop plans and ideas, as well as the ability to create content and suggestions of content.

Fluent in English is a requirement!

The workload will be at approx. 30-50% at the start of the project and will increase up to 100% during the year and development of the project.

Start: 2021-01-11
End: 1 year (part-time in the beginning)

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Kravanalytiker - Stockholm


Uppdraget behöver kompletteras med en kravanalytiker som ansvarar för kravkompetens och kravhantering genom att tillsammans med gruppen utmejsla verksamhetsidén till övergripande krav som ska bearbetas vidare steg för steg och i slutskedet landa hos utvecklingsteamen för utveckling. I kravarbetet ingår även externa kontakter med andra myndigheter och privata aktörer eftersom samverkan med andra aktörer är en viktig del.

Projektet söker en analytiker med förmåga att fånga upp och omsätta verksamhetsbehov till features och user stories.
Har erfarenhet och kunskap om agil kravhantering.
Personen ska kunna genomföra workshops och tillsammans med projektet analysera och dra slutsatser samt formulera kraven på de nya lösningarna.
Projekten arbetar utifrån tjänstedesignperspektivet och utifrån agilt arbetssätt. Det är därför viktigt att kravanalytikern är väl bevandrad inom båda dessa områden.
Personen kommer också att få jobba med att ta fram illustrationer i olika format samt layout av informationsmaterial.
Personen måste kunna planera och genomföra workshops inom sitt kompetensområde.
Rollen innebär en stor mängd kontaktytor och kräver en god förmåga att kunna interagera inom IT-avdelningen och verksamheten.
Den omfattar design av nyutvecklingsprojekt och förändringar i förvaltning.
Du stöttar teamet med:
Planering och strategisk hantering av de i området ingående applikationerna i hela deras livscykel design, förvaltning och avveckling
löpande arkitekturval gentemot befintlig målarkitekturen
prioriteringar av insatser och problemlösning
Säkerställer att designlösningar är förenliga med krav på exempelvis säkerhet, tillgänglighet och stödjer pågående digitalisering

Kompetens och erfarenhet obligatoriska (ska-krav)
Minst 3 års erfarenhet från statlig verksamhet eller motsvarande organisation med en nyttjande verksamhetsorganisation om minst 2 000 medarbetare
Minst 3 års erfarenhet av agil kravhantering
Kunskap och erfarenhet av att arbeta agilt i tvärfunktionella team
Minst 3 års erfarenhet av arbete med kravhantering enligt agila metoder
Minst 3 års erfarenhet av kravhantering utifrån tjänstedesign
Erfarenhet av att hålla workshops
Minst 3 års erfarenhet av att kartlägga och beskriva verksamhetsprocesser och regler
Kunna kartlägga och beskriva features och userstories
Erfarenhet av att arbeta nära projektledaren och ansvara för kravhanteringen
Minst 3 års erfarenhet av att arbeta med begrepps- och informationsmodellering
Analytisk förmåga och ett strukturerat arbetssätt
Erfarenhet av förändringsledning
Övriga upplysningar:
Agila utvecklingsmetoder / JIRA.
Microsoft Officepaketet

Start: 2021-01
End: 2021-12

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Testledare - Stockholm


Kund inom försäkringsbranschen söker en Testledare som också är med och testar hands on. Man ska säkerställa att testfall och testscenarios tas fram och dokumenteras för att möta krav på lösningen. I uppdraget ingår också att mentorera verksamhetstestare samt utveckla kundens agila arbetssätt med scrum masters och det agila utvecklingsteamet. Vara pedagogisk och van att arbeta med verksamhetsresurser och kravställare. Man ska vara självgående samtidigt som man ska vara en teamplayer.

• Minst 5 års erfarenhet av test och testledning i flera olika projekt och agil utveckling
• Vana av att arbeta i komplexa miljöer med integrationer och beroenden till andra system
• Erfarenhet av att arbeta i Jira, Zephyr och Confluence eller liknande verktyg
• God kännedom i Officepaketet
• God IT-vana
• Kunna arbeta på engelska
• Gärna god kompentens kring sakförsäkring

Start: ASAP
End: 6 månader

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Android Developer - Stockholm


We are looking for an android developer with performance optimization experience.

Android Development - 3-5 years of experience
Optimization - 1-3 years of experience
Performance - 1-3 years of experience

Start: ASAP

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Data Engineer - Stockholm


On AI Foundation we have very heterogeneous documentation from different products we want to bring into Confluence following our new established principles – with a homogeneous structure and format and making it easily accessible, clear and clean and intuitive. In some cases, not all information will be available and it will require interviewing with the teams. In addition, we want to map the needs and create document templates for our teams (data lineage, architecture, etc).
Therefore one requirement for the position is experience/knowledge on documenting data processes, machine learning, analytics, etc

The final documentation will contain a mixture between business and tech level documentation around our AI products, its main focus should be for AI Foundation team (mostly tech for quick onboarding of new team members) but it should contain enough business context for (potential) external stakeholders.
Why, or in what business process is integrated into and what is the value / expected value it generates
How it works - detailed tech level documentation aiming at quick onboarding of new team members

Your work tasks will be:
· Mapping currently available AI Foundation documentation to our defined standard structure
· Migrate documentation to Confluence
· Interview with the teams to create missing documentation
· Create AI-related document templates (data flow docs, model overview, etc)

Required skills
· Confluence
· Experience and knowledge of Agile methods
· Experience documenting ETL data processes
· Familiar with Machine Learning processes and algorithms

Nice to have
· Markdown
· Mathematical background
· Experience working on data and/or machine learning-based solutions

· Confluence
· Sphinx
· Jira
· MS Office tools
· io diagrams or similar

Required language skills:
· English and Swedish

Start: 2020-11-16
End: 2021-02-16

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Test Automation - Stockholm


I uppdraget ingår att vara med och test nästa generations digitala reseupplevelse genom en uppdatering av våra webbsajter. Under 2020 har arbete pågått med att modernisera våra kanaler med avstamp i (Lansering höst 2020). Den nya stack vi arbetar med består av en mikroarkitektur i frontend såväl som backend i en cloudbaserad miljö. Vi använder oss av React.js och vårt eget komponentsystem underbyggt av ett designsystem baserat i Figma. Vi fokuserar vår utveckling på att skapa fristående, test- och releasebara komponenter med hög prestanda. För närvarande är vi i uppstarten av att separera kanaler och innehåll genom implementation av ett headless CMS som ersätter våra nuvarande innehållssystem.

Under en övergångsperiod kommer arbetet även innebära förvaltning av våra äldre lösningar som stegvis skall migreras över till den nya stacken. Webbutveckling genomförs för närvarande av två team som arbetar agilt mot en gemensam backlogg. Vi bedriver utveckling som ett team och strävar mot att få till en miljö där releaser går fort och varje teammedlem känner sig delaktig i vår gemensamma produktutveckling. Vi söker nu en person med erfarenhet av testning och testautomatisering.

Rollen innefattar att:
· Planera och genomföra tester (manuellt och automatiserat) samt utvärdera testresultat
· Sätta upp och scripta automatiserade tester med bla mabl och robot framework eller motsvarande verktyg
· Genomföra integrationstester
· Genomföra helhetstester (end-to-end)
· Vara del i ett agilt team och bedriva testning och kvalitetstänk
· Vara självgående gällande utförandet av testerna samt ha förmåga att själv identifiera testbehov utifrån dokumentation

För rollen krävs:
· En mycket god förmåga att snabbt sätta sig in i komplexa uppgifter
· Att man har god kännedom om tillgänglighet som WCAG.
· Att man har ett agilt mindset och väl känner till Scrum och agila produktutvecklingsmetoder
· Att man har en god kommunikativ förmåga och mycket bra samarbetsförmåga då uppdraget kräver samarbete med många parter i både verksamheten och IT
· Att man är självgående, noggrann och strukturerad
· Att man har kunskaper kring tekniska plattformar och har god erfarenhet av helhetstester i en agil miljö
· Att man har kunskaper i Confluence, Jira och Xray eller motsvarande plug-in för test.

Start: 2020-11
End: 2021-06

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Web Editor - Stockholm


The role includes producing and managing well-functioning web pages, optimizing content from a sales and usability perspective, being responsible for ongoing prioritization of content management, and ensuring accessibility and usability.

You are a team player who likes to collaborate and you have a great drive and curiosity. You create personal networks and are happy to share your knowledge. You are prestigeless, solution-oriented and customer-focused.

You will work closely with 6 other web editors. You will also work closely with other departments such as market and communication.

Required skills
You have:
• At least 4-5 years of experience in digital editorial work and web usability
• Worked in a CMS, preferably Episerver
• Understanding responsive web
• High digital skills and understanding of digital customer behaviour
• Good writing skills in both Swedish and English

“Nice to have” skills
Good writing competence in both Swedish and English with a focus on SEO-optimization

Start: 2020-11-01
End: 2021-01-31

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Integration Manager - Stockholm


We are looking for an integration manager with good technical and people skills. You need to be used to run multiple projects simultaneously and have a good understanding of how technical systems work together.

1-3 years of experience

Start: ASAP

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Kravanalytiker - Stockholm


Projektet är ett byte av CMS för kundens huvudsajt. Detta har varit ett projekt som det har snackats om i flera år, så det innebär att runt om i organisationen finns en stor flora av olika uppfattningar kring vad som kommer kunna lösas med hjälp av ett nytt CMS.
Det vi skulle behöva hjälp med är en konsult som hjälper oss att dra i kravställningar runt om i organisationen och sammanställer detta, som vet hur liknande organisationer som vår arbetar med sitt CMS, som känner till marknaden och utbudet och som eventuellt också hjälper till i en upphandlingsprocess. Sannolikt behöver vi inte hjälp i själva implementationsfasen.
Bra att känna till är också att man på grund av historik hos oss också räknar in Kampanjhantering/rabattkoder/reor och liknande i CMS.

• Erfarenhet av E-Handel
• Jobbat i projekt med byte av CMS
• Erfarenhet av upphandling

Start: ASAP
End: 2 månader med förlängning

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Tester - Uppsala


Kunden har fått ett ökat behov av testkompetens i sin verksamhet och söker nu en erfaren mjukvarutestare.

Du behöver ha erfarenhet av mjukvarutest i virtuella miljöer (VMWare, Citrix) med Win 10 som klientplattform. Du behöver även erfarenhet inom mjukvaruutveckling i virtualiserade desktopmiljöer, exempel på språk är C#.Net, SQL Server, C++ och versionshantering via GIT samt Azure DevOps Services (VSTS).

Start: ASAP
End: 2021-01-31

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Content Strategist - Lund


At the Technology Promotion Department, we work with different business units to help them grow their business at scale through APIs and/or hardware development kits. Our mission also includes to envision and synthesize future technologies and to help to bring them to life. This requires people with strong technical capabilities, strategic thinking and a sense of self-driven leadership.

This role is part of the Technical Marketing and Documentation team, which is part of the company's Developer Program and responsible for the communication and dialogue with business partners and third-party developers. The team runs the Developer World website and manages its own developer-focused support forums, YouTube and Twitter channels.

The Content Strategist will develop and maintain a content strategy based on the company’s business objectives and customer’s needs for the Developer World website and related social media. You are combining technical writing and online marketing expertise with a solid technical background giving you an understanding of the semiconductor industry.

As part of a dynamic team, you will plan and coordinate digital marketing campaigns and content for the different Developer World channels to promote the APIs, tools and offerings. You will often be the main point of contact for internal stakeholders, creators and external marketing agencies while at the same time creating web content, documentation and marketing assets hands-on for a technical audience.

We believe you are a creative yet structured person, who is also curious about new technologies, business to business marketing, and the ever-changing environment of the tech industry. It is important that you have a great technical interest and knowledge in technical areas such as IoT, semiconductors, AI or similar. You also need to have a strong drive, and not to be afraid of seeking new knowledge yourself inside or outside the company.

Deadlines are often tight, and you must be able to work at a high pace, and at the same time be able to make the right priorities. You should also have a clear user perspective, and always consider how the information is perceived outside-in. In this role, you are also in contact with many internal and external interfaces. It is therefore important that you are a communicative and social person who likes and appreciates these contacts.

Create content and online marketing strategy for the Developer Programmes, providing direction for content creators in the department (tech writers, engineers, graphical designers and online marketers).
Help to promote Developer World to existing and new internal stakeholders and their customers.
The set requirement, from a content strategy point of view, on the platform infrastructure roadmap.
Offer guidance in the area of online marketing strategy and developer experience for multiple projects.
Be in charge of the usability of the Developer World website; actively contributing to creating contents for the website and associated social media accounts.
Contribute to producing marketing collaterals (e.g sell-in deck and tradeshow participation messaging) while adhering to corporate branding standards.

5 or more years of related developer and marketing experience, focused on developer products or developer-facing products, e.g. APIs, enterprise marketplaces etc. A bonus if you have experience managing developer partner programmes.
A track record of leadership in projects that are high-profile and significant to your company.
Outstanding communication skills, including storytelling ability, and extraordinary writing skills.
Experience of creating contents for developer programs, particularly for partner programs (as e.g. technical writer, information architect, developer experience manager or developer advocate).
Interested in, and have knowledge about, IoT, developer tools, AI technologies or similar.
5+ years in a client-facing writing role at a digital agency or a global high-tech company.
Experience working with social media, digital marketing and online content creation.
Proven knowledge of developer portal UX architecture, usability and content strategy.
Ability to lead a cross-functional team.
Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with multiple roles like content creators, engineers, project stakeholders and management.
Strong search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) skills.
Excellent ability to present ideas and results to global stakeholders.
Fluency in English and excellent presentation and verbal/written communications skills.
Able to understand complex information and communicate the information to people with diverse professional backgrounds.
Service-minded, flexible, self-directed and with a drive to take on responsibility.
A team player that easily adapts and drives improvements in a positive way.
Eager to deliver the best quality experiences possible.
Social and positive

Start: 2002-11
End: 2021-03

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Teknisk Testare - Stockholm


Svala – Nytt IT stöd för Valadministration
Skatteverket är värdmyndighet åt Valmyndigheten och fått uppdrag att utveckla ett nytt javabaserat valsystem för att utveckla Sveriges valadministration, förenkla underhåll och säkerställa vidareutveckling.
Svala-projektet är ett stort och prioriterat projekt hos Skatteverket med fyra agila team på två orter (Solna och Västerås) med ca 40 projektmedlemmar. I de flesta fall sker kommunikation och synkning i projekten genom virtuella möten. Projektet har som mål att dess IT stödet ska användas i valet 2022.
Vi är en värderingsdriven organisation och våra värden är ständigt närvarande – vi är lyhörda, tänker nytt och tar ansvar.

Förväntningar på dig:
För att göra ett bra jobb och trivas i våra team oavsett roll så behöver du vara en aktiv teamspelare, vara lösningsorienterad, ta ansvar och vara engagerad.

Vi vill att du ska:
vara en lyhörd och samarbetsvillig person som gillar att arbeta i team
vara resultatinriktad och ta egna initiativ
förstå och analysera komplexa frågor och problem
ha mycket god kommunikativ förmåga i tal och skrift

Huvudsakliga arbetsuppgifter:
Tillsammans med testledare och utvecklingsteam ansvara för att utföra tester av den kompletta tjänsten såväl som delar av tjänsten
Granska och analysera krav utifrån testperspektiv
Identifiera och designa regression-, system- och integrationstester (end-to-end) i komplexa miljöer (Mikrotjänst arkitektur)
Verifiera funktionella- och systemkrav
Utveckla och underhålla automatiserade tester
Test av Frontend och test av Backend
I samarbete med testledare, produktägare och utvecklare ställa krav på testmiljöer
Förbereda och strukturera testdata
Utvärdera testning, testresultat, identifiera fel och orsakssamband samt kommunicera resultat
Dokumentera samt presentera tester och resultat
Manuella tester där testfall skrivs i Jira test Manager
Det är bra om du har erfarenhet av Continuious Delivery.

Erfarenhet av att arbeta med test i miljöer för externa användare (öppna APIer), t ex REST-assured
Erfarenhet av att automatisera systemtester/End-to-end och regressionstester
Erfarenhet av att felsöka och göra analyser i komplexa testmiljöer
Erfarenhet av JAVA-programmering

Start: 2021-01-11
End: 202-12-31

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Fullstack Developer - Stockholm


Frontendutvecklare med backenderfarenhet till ett nytt utvecklingsprojekt!

Mediearkivet för Nyheter & Sport är en stor satsning som just nu inleds och vars syfte är att bygga framtida arbetsverktyg för journalister, redaktörer med flera. Samtidigt kommer en plattform utvecklas för lagring och hantering av kundens kompletta videomaterial.
Arbetet kommer bedrivas i ett mindre team som består av tvärfunktionell kompetens med produktägare, utvecklare/arkitekter, UX och testare. Arbetet sker enligt agila metoder, med två veckors sprintar. Det förekommer också att man kör par- och mobbprogrammering.
Vi söker en person som har gedigen erfarenhet av webbutveckling och som samtidigt har förståelse
för backend. Teamet arbetar nära UX och framtida användare. Då detta är en ny tjänst finns stora
möjligheter att påverka hur arbetet läggs upp och val av teknikstack.
För att trivas på företaget behöver du vara nyfiken och öppen för att prova nya lösningar, såväl vad gäller
teknik som metod. Vi lägger stort fokus på väl fungerande team. Vi ser gärna att du kommer med idéer och samtidigt är pragmatisk och kan lösa uppkomna problem och situationer.

Djup kunskap om webbutveckling
Kunskap om ES6+ och JavaScript-bibliotek som t.ex. React, Redux, Webpack
Erfarenhet av utveckling på serversidan
Kunskap om JavaScript-testning

Vana att jobba nära UX
Kunskap om rörlig bild/video • Kubernetes
Kunskap om Continuous Delivery och DevOps
React Testing Library
Kunskap om robust CSS-arkitektur, styled components, CSS modules etc
Erfarenhet av att bygga integrationer
Kunskap i Java eller Kotlin

Start: 2020-11-02
End: 2021-12-31

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Fullstack .NET Developer - Köpenhamn


For en kunde, søger vi en Full Stack .Net udvikler hvor hovedvægten er mest backend, men også skarp på bl.a. Angular.

Entity Framework Core
MS SQL Server – stored procedures
Octopus Deploy
GIT / Bitbucket
Nexus repository
JIRA / Confluence
Automated test (unit test, integration test, SpecFlow, ReadyAPI)
Dependency injection
Self-driven can-do attitude
Able to digg into existing complex code and understand it

Start: ASAP
End: 1 year

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Document Controller - Stockholm


The Document controller who will be reporting to PMO Manager should ensure that all documentations are created, distributed, reviewed and approved in accordance with the procedures of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software Teamcenter

Responsibilities for Document Controller:
Create systems to manage documentation in Teamcenter
Prepare, update and maintain the Document Plan/ Master document list
Administrate Teamcenter and actively assist all stakeholders in solving Teamcenter issues.
Quality assurance for templates and guidelines.
Arrange a workshop for Teamcenter new releases.
Provide Teamcenter training for all stakeholders upon request.
Help engineers in document upload, workflow set-up, and document revising, releasing, tracking in Teamcenter.
Assist in document format control for requested documentation from internal and external stakeholders.
Develop user manuals, procedures so that they are standardized
Communicate and collaborate with project managers

Qualifications for Document Controller:
Relevant Bachelor's degree
Previously worked for minimum 3 years in Document control management with Teamcenter
An overall minimum of 8 years of relevant work experience.
Microsoft Office suite skills
Very structured, goal-oriented and self-initiating person
Ability to analyze data and come to conclusions
Ability to communicate with the team, along with great time management skills

Years of experience

Start: ASAP

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Factory Lead Engineer - Stockholm


The resource will join us on a time and material basis and play an important part from the very start in developing the manufacturing site for a new generation of the battery system.
The Factory Engineer should be an expert in one or several defined process areas which includes deep knowledge in greenfield factory development, construction management, equipment installation planning, and factory operations. The consultant will play an important role in interface with construction partners suppliers and to collaborate with our process and factory design teams to efficiently integrate the process, equipment, and factory.

The resource joining the rapidly growing manufacturing team will work and hold the following Responsibilities:
• Factory Development Team
• Green Field / Brown Field Development
• Construction Timelines
• Vendor management
• Factory Installation Timelines
• Overall Construction and Site Safety
• Permitting and Environmental Development
• Utilities Planning (MEP, HVAC, Etc.)
• Equipment Installation Timelines and Management
• Facility Layout
• Indirect Material Flow - Warehouse set up and management
• warehouse layout, processes, Information system set up, packaging requirements(line side/incoming materials pkg standardization)
• Determine key construction milestone and performance indicators (track and analyze)
• Interface with IT teams responsible for implementing ERP or MES efforts

To be successful in the role we see that the resource holds a minimum of 3 years of relevant work experience within new factory development and background as well as personal abilities as below
• Proven successful leadership in a multicultural environment
• Successful track record of leading factory develop projects
• Experience with evolving products, processes, equipment, and factories from prototype scales to production scales in a fast-growing environment ideally in the Food, Pharma, Paper & Pulp, Semiconductor, Electrochemical or similar industry
• Curious, technically educated
• Experience and interest in the manufacturing industry is a plus
• Excellent English written and oral skills
• Highly organized and result-driven
• An eye for detail
• Proactive and goes beyond expectations
• Exceptionally good negotiation and problem-solving skills
• Has a "can do" attitude and an entrepreneurial spirit
• Ability to work under high pressure and tight deadlines, excellent time management
• Ability to work well with others in a team environment, as well as independently
• Ability to work in a high profile and often the high-pressure international environment
• Qualities that we cherish are flexibility, sense of quality, friendliness, motivation to take on new challenges, grit, and a sense of humour
• Passionate & purpose-driven

Years of experience

Start: ASAP
End: 2021-04

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Senior AWS Cloud Developer - Köpenhamn


The Enterprise Analytical Platform is the umbrella under which analytical services will be enabled, ranging from standard analytics spanning across distributed computer and advanced statistical analysis to building a self-service Machine Learning workbench to enable not only the development but also the scaling, packaging, deployment, life-cycle management and monitoring of Machine Learning models.

The focus is on providing an infrastructure where the hard work of software integrations, access management and resource provisioning is taken care of. A majority of the tools implemented are from the AWS tech-stack.

Experience requirement:
Agile Development Methodology
Azure Pipelines
Identity Management

Start: 2020-10
End: 3 months+

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Tester - Lund


Keen interest in test techniques used in modern SW development as well as a passion for creating a stable test environment and supporting our developers to accelerate in testing. Like solving problems together with and through others.

We expect you have experience from working as a system tester in a modern SW development environment with a highly automated test framework and continuous integration.
To be successful in this job we also believe that you have experience from doing in-depth troubleshooting on both the product and the test framework.
You shall also enjoy supporting and educating others in using, updating, and troubleshooting our tests.
You need to have a basic understanding of requirement handling and an interest to work with and learn how to, prove that our product meets safety standards and reliability requirements.

Competence in Python scripting, Robot framework, C/C++, and functional safety/ISO26262 we consider meriting.

Start: 2020-11
End: 2021-12

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Test Manager - Stockholm


We are looking for a senior test manager. The test team within the eCommerce program is responsible for the overall user acceptance test. This means that the FUEL project is responsible to plan and perform the below tests:
User acceptance tests that are not connected to the overall program for example changes in a system that affects existing business users
Lower level test such as System test and system integration tests End-to-End
Unit tests and system tests (performed by development teams)
Performance and penetration tests if needed (this is performed by existing teams)

Time plan
Mobilize and plan October 2020
Create test cases/scenarios for November 2020
Coordinate and execute tests December 2020 – January 2021
Coordinate and support user acceptance tests January – February 2021

Coordinate test strategies, plan, and execution with the eCommerce program to ensure solution end to end testing
Create a test plan, set test scope, identify activities and identify resource needs
Within the project ensure that all changes are effectively tested against agreed functional and non-functional requirements
Work together with the teams to validate the requirements readiness for the test
Coordinate, identify, and secure
Test activities
Test resources
Test environments availability
Test data
Owner of the defect management process
Document test findings and report progress, issue/risks, and actions to the project manager
Report status to project manager
Support in handover process with for example test summary report

Nice to have
Since the time plan is tight and the delivery is crucial and at the same time not everything is ready in terms of requirements and solution design we expect a team that is
Can handle iterative/agile way of working
Communicative and work closely with existing teams

Start: 2020-10-21
End: 2021-03-31

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Fullstack Developer - Stockholm


Fullstackutvecklare för ordersystem för interna och externa butiker. Arbetet går ut på att vidareutveckla systemet som hanterar det största orderintaget och där målet har varit att nya funktioner ska kunna komma ut varje vecka.

Tekniker och verktyg som används:
Java, ssjs (server-side javascript), ExtJS (javascript), Eclipse, Single- Page Application, IBM Domino databas/server och IBM Notes, MongoDB, RoboMongo/ Robo T3, SoapUI, Postman, JSON, XML, Jira, ITSM, Apache Tomcat, Kibana, Subversion, Gitlab, Sublime, Confluence.

Start: ASAP

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Projektledare - Stockholm


För ett stort och viktigt projekt med många beroenden behöver vi en mycket erfaren projektledare. Hen ska ha stor erfarenhet av att arbeta i agila miljöer, med mycket hög social kompetens och smidighet.

5 år erfarenhet
Agil produktutveckling
Möjlighet att resa inom Sverige vid några tillfällen (självklart beroende på Corona-situationen

Start: ASAP

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Tester - Husqvarna


Hos vår kund i Huskvarna kommer du arbeta med automatisering av regressionstester för kundens produkt. Du kommer att arbeta med python script samt vara involverad i att bygga test sviter i automatiserad miljö och testning av mjukvaror i simulerad miljö.

Vi söker dig som är självgående och är teknikintresserad. Vi ser gärna att du har ett intresse för ett längre samarbete med kunden då målet är att öka antalet på avdelningen.

Ska krav
Erfarenhet av programmeringspråk (C, C++, Python)
Erfarenhet av testning/test automatisering

Bakgrund inom mjukvaruutveckling

Start: 2020-10
End: 2021-10

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Test Automation - Köpenhamn


We are looking for a test automation engineer with Python Cypress experience

The test automation engineer must be able to operate in an Agile environment using SCRUM and with a high level of automation in DevOps, and at the same time work together with the rest of the organization.

• Deep test automation knowledge / Test lead
• Cypress

• AWS/Azure
• Python

Nice to have:
• Pharma experience or other regulated industry

Start: 2020-10-26
End: 2020-12-31

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Product Owner - Stockholm


We are looking for a Product Owner to Digital Core. Digital Core is a part of the Customer Fulfilment domain and is the digital thread throughout our supply chain. Our vision is to create a world-leading supply chain tech team that will enable Business Tech to continuously surprise and delight customers and accelerate our business - by releasing the power of people, data and technology. In our Digital Core product area, you will work mostly with SAP SD/MM solutions.

As Product Owner, you, in collaboration with your team, create the product roadmap and have a deep understanding of the target market/industry. To succeed you need to build strong relationships with key stakeholders to ensure that the team’s effort is aligned with the overall strategy.

We are on an agile transformation journey where we must implement a new agile way of working with our partners, which you will lead.

· Take end-to-end ownership of the product (full lifecycle from ideation to optimization) with ultimate accountability for business and customer value delivered
· Set ambitious and clear product mission and OKRs and translate these into a prioritized roadmap and team backlog that drive agreed on KPIs
· Set a budget and follow up costs for the product team and logistic suppliers
· Monitor and manage the financial impact of decisions and priorities of the product team, including Business case creations for further growth opportunities.
· Lead a cross-functional team including business experts, engineers and data analysts to execute and deliver value
· Work closely with internal stakeholders
· Clearly communicating the product mission, OKRs, and backlogs across the organization
· Define MVPs, manage product backlog priorities, and strategically de-scope to achieve rapid feedback cycles

Technical and Personal Competences
· Have experience from working according to agile practices
· At least 5 year’s work experience and previous leadership responsibility, qualifying if you have experience of heading a Product as a Product owner
· Experience of implementations, application maintenance and improvements of an SAP SD/MM solutions.
· Experience in leading a cross-functional team
· Proven track record of strong communication and networking skills, both with internal and external partners
· Strong in planning, prioritizing, execution, and follow up together with a “can-do attitude”
· Motivated to work in an environment that allows you to work and take business decisions independently

Start: 2020-11
End: 2021-03

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Embedded C++ Developer - Lund


We are seeking an embedded C++ developer who has experience with delivering software involving the integration of software security mechanisms into existing software.

7 years of experience

Start: ASAP

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E-Commerce Visual Merchandising - Stockholm


The E-commerce Visual Merchandising function is responsible for maximizing sales by analyzing customer behaviour on-site and through analysis presenting the most commercial and inspiring online store. In this role, you will be responsible for driving sales and develop the best customer experience possible in one of our online markets. You will work in close collaboration with colleagues in your own team as well as with other functions both within Online Sales and across.

You will do this by:
Analyzing daily sales, customer behaviour on-site and the site performance, identifying customers’ needs and act accordingly to drive sales and, ensuring the best customer offer is a place
Strategically place the products on-site, ensuring the ranking is optimized based on customer behaviour and in line with the brand
Managing the site content - including campaigns and locally created content
Creating a concept and market-specific activities on-site, push and mail communication channels, ensuring the messaging is in line with a business idea and brand DNA
Monitoring customer behaviour and competitors by highlighting trends, features and website functionality that would add value to the customer experience
Description of the project/team

The role as an E-commerce Visual Merchandiser at comes with lots of responsibility – and lots of fun! You will run and be responsible to optimize sales and create a frictionless customer experience in the biggest store.

Work tasks
Analyzing daily sales, customer behaviour on-site and the site performance, identifying customers’ needs and act accordingly to drive sales and, ensuring the best customer offer is at its place
Strategically place the products on-site, ensuring the ranking is optimized based on customer behaviour and in line with the brand
Managing the site content - including campaigns and locally created content
Creating a concept and market-specific activities on-site, push and mail communication channels, ensuring the messaging is in line with the clients business idea and brand DNA
Monitoring customer behaviour and competitors by highlighting trends, features and website functionality that would add value to the customer experience
Technical Competences

Mandatory requirements:
Strong analytical skills
E-commerce experience
An academic degree within the business, fashion or marketing
Commercial awareness and sales drive – top of mind is always to sell more!
Customer focus
Previous experience and enjoy working within different CMS systems and Google Analytics
Strong excel knowledge and general interest in working in a different system

Qualifying requirements:
Preferably previous e-commerce experience
Previous experience from working in sales and results-driven environment

Experience of Google Analytics and CMS systems
Strong excel knowledge and general interest in working in different systems

Personal Competences
Strong Analytical skills
Flexible and adaptable – need to enjoy working in a very fast-paced and ever-changing environment
Team Player & communication skills
Language skills
Excellent communication skills. From a language perspective, you need to be fluent in English. English is our company language.

Start: 2002-11
End: 2021-02

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E-Commerce Merchandising - Stockholm


The E-commerce Merchandising function is responsible for maximizing net sales and profitability by driving the most commercial and inspiring online store through commercial planning, coordination, execution and strategic stock management. You will be part of one of our online markets, for which you will be responsible for one of our concepts (ladies, kids & men) and become the key player in reaching the sales goals set for your concept. You will be the one who improves and contribute to your market continuous growth! You will work in close collaboration with colleagues in your own team as well as with other functions both within Online Sales and across.

You will do that by:
Drive net sales for your concept on a weekly basis by analyzing your sales figures, taking and executing actions according to the opportunities, threats and priorities identified
Set the best strategic commercial plan pre-season and in-season for your concept based on your customer, sales results, commercial belief and previous learnings
Strategically manage the stock levels of your concept by adjusting the buying, ensuring stock freshness and setting appropriate reduction costs throughout the season
Description of the project/team

The job as E-commerce Merchandiser comes with lots of responsibility – and lots of fun! You will run the biggest store and together with your team be part of creating and developing the future of e-commerce. As a Merchandiser, you will be responsible for what actions to take to drive net sales, reach profit and set the best commercial plan.

Work tasks
Drive net sales for your concept on a weekly basis by analyzing your sales figures, taking and executing actions according to the opportunities, threats and priorities identified
Set the best commercial plan pre-season and in-season for your concept based on your customer, sales results, commercial belief and previous learnings
Strategically manage the stock levels of your concept by adjusting the buying, ensuring stock freshness and setting appropriate reduction costs throughout the season

Mandatory requirements:
Strong analytical skill
E-commerce experience
An academic degree within business or engineering
Commercial awareness and sales drive – top of mind is always to sell more!
Customer focus
Experience of Google Analytics
Strong excel knowledge and general interest in working in a different system

Qualifying requirements:
Preferably previous e-commerce experience
Previous experience from working in sales and results-driven environment

Experience of Google Analytics
Strong excel knowledge and general interest in working in different systems

Personal Competences
Strong Analytical skills
Flexible and adaptable – need to enjoy working in a very fast-paced and ever-changing environment
Team Player & communication skills

Start: 2020-11
End: 2021-02

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UX-Designer - Stockholm


För att ta nästa stora kliv inom digitalisering har Trafikförvaltningen nyligen tagit fram en strategi som sätter riktningen för kollektivtrafikens fortsatta digitalisering. Nu behöver vi bli mer konkreta och beskriva vad vi måste utveckla på ett flerårsperspektiv, för att möta våra kunders behov och stå rustade för framtiden.

Som UX-designer i det här uppdraget kommer du, tillsammans med Trafikförvaltningens team för digital kundupplevelse samt IT-avdelningen, att arbeta kundcentrerat för att utveckla och visualisera koncept som möter kundbehoven och utifrån det beskriva nödvändiga utvecklingsaktiviteter. Arbetet ska mynna ut i två huvudsakliga leveranser:

En utvecklingsplan som beskriver nödvändig utveckling på kort och längre sikt.
En “målupplevelse” som agerar visionär ledstjärna för organisationen och beskriver hur den framtida kundupplevelsen för kollektivtrafiken behöver se ut, givet kundbehov, strategier och omvärldstrender.
Slutleveranserna kommer du vara delaktig i att ta fram i samarbete med andra kompetenser på Trafikförvaltningen. Arbetet kommer att ske iterativt.

Vi söker dig som har lång erfarenhet av UX-design i stora och medelstora organisationer. Du är van vid att arbeta med design på konceptuell och strategisk nivå. Du är duktig på att kommunicera och "sälja in” koncept genom tydliga visualiseringar och presentationsmaterial. Du är en god kommunikatör i både tal och skrift. Du brinner för bra, människocentrerad design.

Minst 10 års arbetslivserfarenhet av UX-design.
Minst 10 års arbetslivserfarenhet av grafisk formgivning
Minst 2 års arbetslivserfarenhet av tjänstedesign
1 års arbetslivserfarenhet av Figma
Har genomfört minst 1 UX-designuppdrag inom persontransport, kollektivtrafik eller resebranschen
Har genomfört minst 1 UX-designuppdrag inom offentlig sektor

Start: Nov
End: Dec

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Controller - Stockholm


As a Controller you will partner with the Business Tech leads to set, drive and support steering towards the strategic direction and short and long term goals, business effects as well as cost-efficiency. A key part of your responsibility is to manage the financial planning and tracking the realization of established financial goals. You facilitate the group to make the best decision possible by ensuring financial accuracy throughout the global Business Tech.

The Controller has great leadership skills, believes in a non-hierarchical culture of collaboration, transparency, safety, and trust. Working with a focus on value creation, growth and serving customers with full ownership and accountability. Delivering exceptional customer and business results.

· Be a sparring partner to BT Leaders providing fact-based (e.g. calculating business cases) as decision support for the strategic direction and the achievement of short and long term goals and business effects​
· Seek opportunities and proactively monitor the performance and initiate actions to constantly drive efficiency and cost-consciousness within Business Tech
· Support the process of establishing long-term financial strategies and short-term goals as well as analyze and quantify results from planned initiatives​
· Quality assures and consolidate financial plans for the different functions, and ensures alignment of priorities and goals. Driver for long-term follow-up on financial goals (e.g. cash flow, profit)​
· Own and steer budgets & financial planning and drive monthly and quarterly follow-up with key stakeholders to ensure robust and accurate financial forecasts (OPEX & CAPEX) & Profit & Loss​
· Support product teams, and other supporting functions to ensure that financial guidelines and best practices are implemented and followed

Skills and Abilities
· Have excellent analytical skills to analyze complex problems and data and have the ability to create a storyline but using important facts​
· Ability to translate strategic ambitions into tactical financial planning and optimized use of resources​
· Ability to understand needs and objectives and translate them into a financial context​
· Ability to communicate in an easy and understandable way​
· Facilitate constructive communication, collaboration and knowledge-sharing between different stakeholders​
· Ability to understand and embrace agile principles and incorporate them into our financial steering towards Lean budgeting​

· Is curious, prestige-less and always strive to find the best way forward ​
· Have the motivation to constantly improve and achieve targets​
· Ability to incorporate and live our values and be a true value ambassador​
· Have the ability to act independently, take own initiatives and lead the way​
· Is structured with excellent organization and planning skills
· Functional Knowledge
· Extensive Business knowledge​
· Business Intelligence tools such as Power BI & Excel Modelling​
· Financial Accounting & Profit & Loss understanding​
· Forecasting & Analysis​
· Statistics​
· Knowledge in Agile framework​
· Portfolio management in an agile environment

Start: 2020-11
End: 2021-06

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Fullstack Developer - Stockholm


Development role in team corporate. Work with the team backlog, frontend, backend and other related tasks

Technical Competences
Internet security

Personal Competences
Team player

Language skills
Swedish and English

Start: 2020-11
End: 2021-02 + extension

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Solution Architect - Stockholm


Vår arkitektur är indelad i fyra skikt: verksamhet, information, applikation och teknik. Varje skikt är sedan indelat i flera områden. Vi söker nu en erfaren IT-arkitekt till applikationsskiktet och området Skuldsanering som idag bland annat är baserat på JEE med Struts i front-end. IT-stödet ska skrivas om i sin helhet för att ge verksamheten ett bättre it-stöd för processoptimering och automatisering.

En viktig uppgift för IT-arkitekten, som är en del av kundens övergripande arkitekturstyrning, är att delta i att ta fram målbilden och driva arkitekturen mot den, samt att identifiera och kommunicera med intressenter till området oavsett de är givna eller inte. Arkitekten är en viktig spelare i utvecklingsinitiativ och stöttar utvecklingsprojekt med bland annat kravhantering, lösningsförslag och prioriteringar.

Vi arbetar i en modern miljö bestående av Java på RHEL och DotNet på Windows Server. Termer/akronymer så som: Webservice, REST, XML, JSON, RDBMS/SQL, WLS, Wildfly, AMQ, HTML5, Angular, IntelliJ, Maven, Git, OAuth, PKI, WCAG etc ska vara bekanta för dig.

Har erfarenhet av applikationsutveckling med Java-teknik inkl frontend utveckling
Har bred och aktiv kunskap från de senaste tre åren gällande applikationsarkitektur
Har erfarenhet av kravhantering
Har självständigt drivit och genomfört modelleringar/utredningar/förstudier
Har erfarenhet av lösningar i ett applikationslandskap baserat på händelsedriven arkitektur
Har erfarenhet av lösningar baserade på komponentifierad/modulariserad backend.
Har erfarenhet av sammansättning av frontend givet en mikrotjänst-liknande arkitektur (exempelvis med hjälp av ”micro frontend”).
Har erfarenhet av lösningar baserade på Microprofile och Jakarta EE
Har erfarenhet av lösningar baserade på OpenShift Container Platform med Quarkus

Java utveckling
Arkitekturramverk så som Togaf och Zachman framwork
Sparx EA, UML, Archimate
SAD (Kruchtens 4+1)

Start: 2020-10-30
End: 2021-12

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Tester - Stockholm


The customer has a simple but ambitious mission: to develop market-leading thermal and sensing technologies that enhance everyday life. From saving energy to saving lives. Customer is making a real difference in our world.

Their products are used in a wide array of situations to rescue people in danger, detect criminals, conserve energy, navigate safely, provide security around the globe, and protect our environment. They are looking for individuals who thrive on making an impact and want the excitement of being on a team that wins.

As their Test and Verification Engineer, you are vital in maintaining their world-leading position. Customer is world-leading in thermal imaging and in order to keep that position we must do our utmost to secure the quality of our products. To achieve this, we are now looking for someone that wants to lead and perform tests on the products we produce. In this position, you will plan the tests, coordinate them, and work closely with your colleagues in R&D to make sure that we produce the best products possible. The tests are mainly focused on function and environmental endurance. You are adaptive, communicative and an experienced leader. You can focus on long term goals and adapt to changes along the way.

Planning and implementation of verification tasks
Deciding which type of verification approach is correct for the specific requirements that the product must meet and then synthesising these different needs into a single verification plan for the product
Interact with other engineering groups to define, document, analyse, perform, and interpret tests for products, systems, components, or modifications.
Tests and trials (e.g. environmental and electromagnetic compatibility)
Identify and plan test according to Design Verification Methods
Identify and plan test for software, hardware and electrical functionality according to Design Verification Methods.
Plan, book and administrate test activities and select test locations.
Review and develop existing Design Verification Methods.

At least 5 years of experience
An engineering background and experience in being a project leader.
Business English and Swedish is a must.
Excellent collaboration skills
Solution orientation and resourcefulness
A doer’s attitude that gets things done
Driver’s license as business trips occurs.

Start: ASAP
End: 2020-12-31

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iOS Developer - Stockholm/Remote


Our client is looking for a senior iOS developer to join their current team. Their apps are adding functionality to their market-leading IR cameras. The current focus is on connecting their apps to their newly released cloud storage service.

You should have:
at least five years of experience in iOS development connected apps
experience from apps with complex service layers
experience of RxSwift, Swinject, and MVVM is a must
interest and a good understanding of architecture

(partly remote working during Covid-19 restrictions)

Start: ASAP

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Lead Software Engineer - Stockholm


We are looking for a Software Engineer consultant with excellent leadership skills.

A software engineer is responsible for the entire software life cycle – design, development, test, release and maintenance and translates business needs into working software. A software engineer at External & New Sales Channels supports in building and configuring solutions that are easy to maintain and change, in close cooperation with external partners and involved functions at the client, enabling a constant delivery pace to be kept indefinitely. This is achieved through continuous attention to technical excellence and good design.

We are now looking for a Software Engineer consultant with excellent leadership skills. You will take on the exciting challenge to lead the journey towards an outstanding customer experience at one of the client´s largest marketplace partners in Asia. You will be responsible for coordinating your team, as well as other relevant product teams, in creating the product roadmap including backlog items and key results. You will coordinate and manage that the backlog items are developed, tested and launched and that key results are reached.

You will collaborate with several product teams within areas such as assortment, fulfilment, order management, accounting and BI, as well as cooperate with the external marketplace partner and warehouse partner.

You will be the speaking partner towards the external partner around solution creation, development roadmap and backlogs.

· Lead a team of software engineers, business experts and data analyst to execute and deliver value
· Lead and coordinate the delivery cross several product teams, and with the external partners
· Identify and manage stakeholders
· Set ambitious and clear Objectives and Key Results and translate these into a prioritized roadmap and team backlog that drive agreed KPIs
· Work with professional software engineering practices & best practices for the full software development life cycle (from ideation to optimization) in order to create business and customer value

We are looking for a consultant who:
We believe that you are an experienced and excellent leader that coaches and empower your colleagues so they can lead, collaborate, and deliver exceptional customer and business results. You focus on value creation, growth and serving customers with full ownership and accountability. You have experience of leadership roles for extensive and complex deliveries in large companies with many stakeholders.

We also believe that the consultant has:
· Ability to translate product strategy and requirements into suitable solution design often across several platforms, external partners and product teams
· Ability to perform early analysis including positioning of capabilities in the internal and external system landscape as well as presenting alternative solution options
· Ability to comprehend the different architectural view-points and identify and understand their dependencies
· A Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field
· At least 10 year’s work experience and a proven track record as a senior leader / project manager of complex IT projects with a large extent of cross-functional dependencies, as well as dependencies to external partners.
· You have the ability to gather, analyze and understand customer and business needs and understand impact against product backlog and impact on team.
· Proven track record of communication and networking skills, both with internal and external partners
· Strong in planning, prioritizing, execution, and follow up together with a “can-do attitude”
· A demonstrated history of working according to agile practices with knowledge of Scrum & SAFe Agile WoW
· Fluent in English both written and verbal
· We would prefer (but it is not a requirement) that you have experience from marketplaces and understand the processes and logic, i.e. order management, fulfilment, accounting etc.

With this assignment, you are an important player in our transformation and building the Direct Sales Product. Therefore, we believe you are flexible, stress-resistant and able to work in an environment that is not yet formalized. Our journey will lead to something new and exciting- we will test, fail and learn.

Start: 2020-11
End: 2021-12

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Fullstack Developer - Remote


Fullstack Developer with 3+ years of experience for remote project.


Start: ASAP

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